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About Us BFA
About Us BFA, talks about us and why we decided to try and help you reach your fitness goals.

Hello friends, fans, and family,

I started BFA to help you and myself reach our fitness goals. I know how hard it is to try and reach a fitness goal that we have set for our selves. Aside from all of the distractions and day to day activity we also have to deal with ourselves. We are our own worst enemy. However, I believe that through effort, determination and discipline we cans still achieve our fitness goals.

BFA is a composite of many different fitness pros and such that we have gathered to aid you in your fitness goals. This includes but is not limited to losing wight, gaining weight, toning up, dieting, eating right and so on. We also have our own entry that we post weekly and monthly. This is our efforts to help you reach your fitness goals. Thank you for your time and for being here.