Aspiring nurse died ‘self-medicating with painkillers after weight loss surgery’

An aspiring nurse tragically died after self-medicating with booze and painkillers to battle the pains and trauma of weight loss surgery, an inquest heard.

Alison Marie Young’s family made the heartbreaking decision to turn her life support off on November 10, 2019, reports Hull Live.

The 39-year-old began self-medicating with her husband’s pain relief medication, taking up to 30 tablets a week and drinking up to six bottles of wine a day, after having gastric bypass surgery, Hull Coroner’s Court heard.

Alison had gastric bypass surgery in 2013 and she went from “30 stone to just 15 stone in a very short time” her husband said, but she was left with abdominal pain.

She had also lost the sight in one eye and was diagnosed with depression.

She had also lost the sight in one eye and was diagnosed with depression

In an attempt to help lift her the couple moved to a static caravan in Withernsea.

But in fact Alison started drinking more and was consuming up to six bottles of wine a night as well as self-medicating with her husband’s prescription pain killers.

Her husband admitted in a statement to the court: “I allowed her access to them as I could not see her in pain.”

Two weeks before her death, Alison made the decision to stop drinking as it was “all getting too much”. Her husband said she went completely “cold turkey” on her habits.

On Saturday, November 9, at around 6pm, Alison began to complain of breathing difficulties.

Her husband called an ambulance and it arrived at 6.15pm and she was taken to hospital.

Dr Victoria Jowett, a consultant clinician at Hull Royal Infirmary, said that on Alison’s arrival she suffered a multi organ failure.

She died “a pain free and dignified death with family by her side” according to Dr Jowett.

Speaking of Alison, her half-sister told the court that she “had been teetotal her whole life until her depression” and that “she was a well-to-do woman” with a loving and caring family.

The coroner concluded that Alison’s death was due to a combination of drugs and alcohol.

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