Calif. Governor Says State Will Begin Easing Coronavirus Closures

Some 53,000 of the Social Security Administration’s employees are working from home. And the agency’s backlog of pending cases has fallen by 11% since March 23.

The Trump administration says that a newspaper report of 3,000 coronavirus deaths a day was not vetted.

Police departments are facing a new reality in the era of coronavirus. As familiar categories of crime fade, officers are being asked to handle unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable new assignments.

Texas Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe assured the Senate Intelligence Committee that, if confirmed, he would not apply a partisan filter to reporting or shade conclusions to please the president.

While the trip to the battleground state is in part meant to tell a positive story about the administration’s response to the pandemic, it also highlights the challenges of the moment.

President Trump aims to rally U.S. Catholics to support his reelection. The effort is dividing Catholics along partisan lines and within congregations.

Some 700 million of the world’s most vulnerable people will require food assistance, according to the U.N. humanitarian office, which is asking wealthy nations to commit $90 billion in aid.

A controversial proposal to cut production aimed to stabilize prices amid a historic oil glut. But regulators and the industry were divided over the idea.

On this broadcast of The National Conversation, we hear from some people who had COVID-19 and are recovering. We’ll also answer your questions about vaccines and the economy.

In a single quarter, the government will borrow more than twice as much as it did all of last year, as the cost of the coronavirus pandemic dwarfs previous deficits.

SBA data show that demand is still very high for the loans, and that smaller amounts are going out this time. But large, multimillion-dollar loans are still eating up a good chunk of the money.

Not-so-small companies like Shake Shack and organizations like the LA Lakers were able to get loans that were meant for suffering small businesses. What happened?

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