Detox dieting: Expert issues important advice over crash dieting

“The lack of protein contained in fruit and vegetable juices will cause your muscles to waste away. So, while you’ve lost overall weight (which appears good on the surface), you’ve also lost muscle mass (which is bad).

“This will reduce your longer-term metabolism, meaning that you will burn fewer calories at rest.”

When it comes to metabolism, many people try to boost theirs in order to lose weight as it can have many benefits like burning more calories throughout the day.

The nutritionist explained: “The goal of weight loss is to reduce body fat while maintaining muscle levels. This is achieved by consistently eating a portion of protein at main meals and doing a variety of resistance exercises.

Therefore in order to lose weight, it should be done slowly but will provide long term gain.

Tamara continued: “There’s no scientific evidence supporting the need for a detox diet to eliminate ‘toxins’. This idea doesn’t make biological sense.

“The human body has very complex systems that take care of any detoxing. These include the kidneys, liver, digestive system, immune system, lungs, and even skin. If there were toxins left floating around our body that weren’t being removed by these systems, we’d feel extremely unwell and most likely be hospitalised.

“On top of this, the term ‘toxin’ is regularly used but poorly defined. Many diets claim to ‘rid your body of toxins’ but they don’t actually name what these toxins are or why detox diets get rid of them.

Tamara explains how toxins conventionally refer to drugs or alcohol in the medical world. However, in the commercial world, anything can be called a ‘toxin’, which makes it challenging to investigate specific claims.

She says: “Ironically, if we take a number of herbal supplements and/or fast for an extended period of time it can actually end up damaging our health.

“With very little evidence behind detox diets, we can’t say for sure that any particular one that promotes supplementation is safe in the long-term.”

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