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Fitness in the Summertime is a program that I started to help you and myself reach our fitness goals. I also created a playlist on YouTube titled Fitness in the Summertime to aid you in your endeavors. To keep it interesting it’s not just me in the playlist. I have also included some excellent YouTube Fitness Professionals such as Gabriel Sey, Simeon Panda, Mike Rashid, Mac Trucc, CT Fletcher and more.

So, I know that you are going to get excellent advice from this playlist. A lot of thought and effort went into making this list so I am hopeful that you will watch it and enjoy it. I wanted to cover issues that I am having in the playlist as well as common issues people always ask about in the play list. You will hear disagreements between fitness pros but we all will also agree on certain things as well. Ah, I don’t personally know any of these fitness pros but I know that the information that they give is excellent. You will also see that some of these videos are older but the information that is given is still valid and honest.

In prepping for the summer depending on what you want to achieve they are a few things that you want to start working on the hit the ground running. All of this and more is covered in the play list. A few norms that we all should be doing is getting our fitness goals set for ourselves. Once that is done start creating a pathway to that goal. If you can’t realistically reach said goal by your planned deadline it maybe best give yourself more time so that once you start all of this is already planned out now it is on you to stick to your planned workout and/or diet schedule. Give your self some room and/or cushion for unseen set backs so that you won’t be too far behind to ever catch up to your fitness plans/goals. Once your goals are set and a pathway is set this includes the time frame. Then you are ready to start the doing part of it. I encourage you to do the first two steps because you will need to write it down and write out. In doing this it becomes real for you and even more achievable. It becomes something that you can look at every morning as something that you can do and something that you are doing once you start.

I am going to close with, the journey is long and hard when you are looking at it from the outside in but once you break it down into smaller achievable parts it becomes do-able. Thank you for allowing me to present to you today. I hope that this information helps and encourage you to get started towards your fitness goals. Be safe out there and I will be posting something once a week and/or once a month. Comment, like, share, follow, subscribe, I want to hear from you. Thanks!

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