Food hacks to help you lose weight quickly during social distancing

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Staying at home all the time makes it very easy to overindulge (Photo: Shutterstock)

Losing weight has never been so challenging. With staying and working from home being the new normal, everywhere you turn, you see your fridge close by. Without being keen, you may tend to overindulge and fail to attain your weight loss goals. On the contrary, you may actually end up putting on more weight which is alarming. Follow these tips to help you through your weight loss process during the social distancing season.

Stick to your eating schedule

Having a schedule is the most important thing, while sticking to it strictly elevates it’s effectiveness. One of the key challenges of being home, especially when working from there is that, you wake up in odd hours in comparison to your normal office-going days. You may also find yourself sleeping late too. In short, your feeding schedule will be equally jumbled up as your daily routine. Get to set times that you are deliberate in eating. If you would previously take breakfast at seven, don’t make it ten in the morning. This is likely to affect your feeding during the rest of the day through which you fail to track your feeding and weight gain/loss.

Watch your calorie intake

Watch how many calories you consume in a day (Photo: Shutterstock)

Too many calories and too much sugar are the root cause of most weight issues. Being around your home doesn’t give you the leeway to overeat, Do not stay without checking your calorie and sugar intake. Maintain weighing them or consuming conscious portions of the same.

Have meals that keep you full

Chia seeds, plantains, nuts, among others, are examples of foods that keep you full. You need to adapt to this method because you should not be overindulging. When you constantly eat items, without proper caution, you’ll continue gaining weight unnecessarily. In relation to your meal plan, identify the meals or snacks that you want to include as heavy.

Eat healthy snacks

If you need a snack, opt for healthy ones (Photo: Shutterstock)

It’s very easy to open a bag of chips or cookies and constantly indulge. Unfortunately, your fitness goals can be kissed goodbye, if that is your snacks of choice. To ensure you are consistent in weight loss, have healthy snacks. Fruits and vegetable cuts work well. Also aim for baked items instead of fried as the fried ones contain more oil which isn’t in line with your weight loss goals.

Portion your meals

Do you think that the social distancing rules and staying at home recommendations allow you to indulge as much as you can because of the freedom? No. Self discipline is the number one thing you’ll need to possess add practically do it by portioning your meals. Eat as per the ration you need which should go hand in hand with your fitness meal plan.

Stay hydrated often

Drink plenty of water throughout the day (Photo: Shutterstock)

For your detox and to aid good digesting, ensure that hydrating is a normal thing for you to do during the day. It’s very important to your body.

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