Healthy Diet: This Spinach (Palak) Smoothie Is Just What You Need For Your Daily Calcium Fix


  • This calcium rich smoothie is made of spinach, milk, almonds and kiwi
  • It can be an ideal breakfast option for you
  • This palak smoothie can also be great for weight loss diet

It is no secret to the world that a healthy and well-balanced diet is a must for strong body and mind. Well-balanced diet is basically referred to our everyday meal, coupled with all the essential nutrients – calcium being one of them. Calcium not only supports our bone health, but is also essential for the expansion and contraction of blood vessel and muscles. The very first thought that comes to our mind with the word calcium is a tall glass of milk. Milk is considered the only source of this important nutrient by many of us. But did you know, there are several other foods that contain more amount of calcium that a glass of milk? Yes, you heard it right!

Foods like leafy greens, almonds, chia seeds etc. contain more calcium that milk. While 1 cup milk (244 gram) contains 305 mg calcium, 100-gram spinach contains 99 mg of calcium, and 30 gram almonds contain 75 mg calcium (as per USDA).

Keeping this in mind, we bring you a spinach (palak) smoothie recipe that can be a great inclusion in your diet to promote bone health. This drink also includes the goodness of milk, almonds and kiwi – all of which are loaded with calcium and other healthy nutrients. This smoothie can also do wonders for our metabolism and gut health due to its rich fibre-content. On that note, a healthy gut can prove to be helpful for strengthening immunity and promoting weight loss.

This spinach smoothie is quick and easy to make and can be an ideal inclusion in your breakfast regime. All you need to do is, clean and blend all the ingredients together and prepare yourself a healthy food in just a few minutes.

Here’s The Recipe For Calcium-Rich Spinach (Palak) Smoothie:


1 cup spinach

Half cup milk

8-10 almonds

1 Kiwi, deskinned


Step 1. Take all the ingredients in a blender and blend until everything turns into a smooth creamy drink.

Step 2. You may drink it as is or add black pepper and black salt to it. And, if you have a sweet tooth, add a dollop of peanut butter and some maple syrup or honey to it. You may also add some jaggery powder or plum sugar to it.

Try this drink in the morning and give a healthy start to the day.

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