Here’s How Sarah Simmons Got In Shape

All in all Sarah Simmons has taken a fairly straightforward approach to her weight loss.

Sarah Simmons is used to turning heads. With looks beyond measure and a starring role on one of the most popular, relatively underground reality shows, she’s no stranger to being the center of attention. Though many reality stars love changing their image, not all of them go about achieving it in the same way. For example, the Kardashians: while Kim KW is looking at becoming a lawyer, Kourtney has her claim to fame as being the healthy, whole foods Kardashian. This is also true of the Love After Lockup group. Sarah Simmons found herself the center of attention again, this time due to her own healthy weight loss. The mother of two girls, Love After Lockup’s Sarah Simmons has found herself in the center of social media battles lately due to her extreme weight loss. No, it wasn’t from a stint on Biggest Loser. After the filming of her previous season on Love After Lockup Sarah Simmons revealed via social media post that she dropped something like 80 pounds. How did she do it? We decided to figure it out.

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It’s A Straightforward Situation

Whenever a celebrity loses weight our first instinct is to say “how”? We’re not alone in this either, as it seems like the rest of the world is also wondering. Sarah Simmons, due to her very public life on TV, has been looked at with scrutiny regarding her weight before. Recently she’s lost it all, though. But the question is… How? Her social media comments are a gold mine in that regard. In one of her posts she wrote out exactly what her diet is like, and it’s honestly exactly what you’d expect. When asked for the secret of her weight loss she said, “unfortunately there’s no easy solution. I eat very low carb & sugar eat more protein .. drink lots of water never drink my calories. No fried no sweets and I work out 5 days a week,” making it yet another iteration of all that stuff that we already know we should be doing. If only it was as easy as snapping our fingers, right? Sarah Simmons is keeping it real, though, and lays it out pretty plain.

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This seems to be the secret for most celebs who have lost weight. Other famous diets seem to focus on the low carb/low sugar action, highlighting a heavy protein and vegetable menu as the secret to their weight loss. One of those old weight loss adages is that it’s an 80/20 split in terms of diet and exercise. You can’t outrun a terrible diet, and you certainly won’t see good results from exercise if you keep eating excessive amounts of sugary food. Too bad excessive amounts of sugary food is the more fun option, and exercise gives us flashbacks to drop out at the third level of the beep test in grade school. Sarah Simmons seems to enjoy it though, and does a decent amount of cardio; as well as running after her kids all day!

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But People Are Confusing It

Haters will hate, as Sarah Simmons, Taylor Swift, and every other celebrity on the face of the earth says. We all have haters, but most of us don’t have them to such a public degree as Sarah Simmons. Her haters are very vocal, and have even gone so far as to judge her weight loss efforts! The comments on her posts have pointed out everything from her filter usage to her questionable angles, as well as trying to pass off natural dips in the body as “proof” of editing. We just have to say that that is ridiculous and to give the poor girl a break. The episodes of Love After Lockup that were filmed early quarantine are not reflective of how she looks now. They were created a while ago, and feature a Sarah Simmons who is very different. We wish people understood that just because a reality show is airing today doesn’t mean it was filmed and edited today!

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All in all Sarah Simmons has taken a fairly straightforward approach to her weight loss. Capping her cravings and not indulging in sugar and carbs is the biggest change she’s made, as well as shifting to a protein and vegetable-heavy meal composition. Food is not the only adjustment she’s made though, as most of her toning up has happened through cardio and working out. While she’s received some backlash over how different she looks now compared to her most recent season of Love After Lockup, she thinks that that has more to do with clever posing and smoothing filters than any kind of editing. She definitely couldn’t photoshop that kind of weight loss, and we’re shocked at the people who think she can. Seriously? Not even the Kardashians could pull that off. Sarah Simmons did it the old fashioned way: diet, exercise, and running after her two adorable kids.

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