I lost control: BBC’s Stephen Nolan admits ditching 800 calorie diet despite rapid weight loss

BBC presenter Stephen Nolan has revealed he went on a low calorie diet in a bid to lose weight last year, but lost control and put it all back on.

he popular BBC Radio Ulster radio host talked about his battle with his weight while interviewing Dr Michael Mosley on his show on Thursday morning.

Dr Mosley, who is a television journalist and a qualified doctor, is promoting the 800 calorie diet which he says helps people lose weight and keep it off.

Years of poor diet and a lack of exercise saw Mr Nolan balloon to more than 22 stone.

Last year the broadcaster managed to lose a huge amount of weight, with a low calorie diet and a five-day-week gym routine.

However, he has since put all the weight back on.

“I did the 800 calorie diet last year for 12 weeks. I only came off it once a week on a Tuesday night, I had Tandoori Chicken, I don’t know how may calories that is, that was my one meal a week. The rest of the week I was doing 800 calories.

“I was big, I was 23 stone, I lost seven stone in 14 weeks. I have put every bit of it back on again because I lost control.”

Nolan admitted he went back to eating and drinking what he used to, “plus more”.

Dr Mosley said it was one of the “real challenges” to lose weight and keep it off.

“I am very sorry to hear that,” he said.

“It is true that the amount of fat cells that you have, when you hit adulthood, are set. And when you diet what happens is the fat cells shrink. So they are there waiting to fill up again. So that is what makes it tough. That is why it is so important with children to ensure they do no get fat, because it is much, much hard if you have been fat.

“There is a tendency to go back to the weight you were, that is because of habits because you go back to eating and drinking as you used to do. It is about switching the way you eat.”

Last year Mr Nolan set himself a goal of hitting 15st before his holiday to America and jetted off weighing in at 14st 12lbs.


Stephen Nolan has celebrated getting below 15st. Credit: Stephen Nolan

He has previously publicly documented his weight-loss attempts in TV shows including Food On The Brain and Biggest Diet In The Country.

In 2015 he put five stone back on after losing seven the previous year. At that point he had dropped from 22st down to 15.2st.

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