It’s not the collagen in your coffee

It’s not the collagen in your coffee.⁠

Losing weight is hard. There. I said it.⁠

Losing weight is hard.⁠

It’s not a point A to point B process. ⁠
It’s not a one-size-fits-all plan.⁠
It’s not a start today, see results tomorrow timeline.⁠

It’s a combination of a bunch of things…⁠ time, effort, discipline, science…⁠ and more.

It’s not the collagen in your coffee, my friend. It’s never just one thing.⁠

There’s no magic pill, no wonder diet, no miracle supplement that will reveal weight loss overnight.⁠

It’s knowing what’s best for you and committing to doing it for the long-term.⁠

Want to know what works for you? I want to teach you!⁠

Inside the Macro Movement Project, we will explore all things macro education and fitness. You will discover which foods are best for your body, learn new ways to integrate movement into your daily routine, and practice new routines that you can use for the rest of your life. ⁠

This 6-week program provides you with everything you need to create the perfect diet and fitness routine that goes beyond the collagen in your coffee to get you the results you deserve. ⁠

Macro education, four workouts per week, weekly Zoom calls with me, homework assignments, and more. The Macro Movement Program is designed to get you the results you deserve, safely and effectively, so you can maintain your results for the long run.⁠

Registration is now open for a limited time. The Project officially starts on Monday, September 14th! 

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