Jamie Oliver’s Keep Calm and Cook: Coronavirus recipes including a pan cooked breakfast

Midnight pan-cooked breakfast

Jamie put one rasher of smokey bacon each and four chipolatas into a pan on a medium head.

He said: “I’d normally have the mushrooms and go to town, but I haven’t got any mushrooms today.

“This is using eggs which were hard to get last week.”

Going on he added: “We are using the eggs to create an edible frisbee, so when you put it on the plate everyone says wow.”

He advised to start in the pan with the thing that takes the longest amount of cooking.

Once the bacon and chipolatas are cooked they are put on the side.

Then a few tomatoes are cooked on the same pan on a low heat, cooking in the fat from the meat.

The chef then cracks four eggs onto the pan in a low heat, encourgaing the white to cook together.

He then put the bacon back on the plate in pieces, and slices the sausages and does the same.

He then out a lid on the pan, helping to cook the eggs through a little more. After a few minutes this can be served up among the family.

“This was invented for a hangover,” Jamie admitted.

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