Jonah Hill’s rollercoaster weight journey as he blames fluctuation on yo-yo dieting

Jonah Hill has been battling constant weight fluctuations throughout his career, and has been open about how difficult it is to maintain a goal weight.

The Wolf of Wall Street star, 36, has had a slew of media coverage thrown his way, from his weight gain in 2014 and 2015 to his dramatic slim-downs in 2016 and 2017.

What’s more, Jonah has admitted that his self-esteem took a hard, heavy hit after constantly finding himself under scrutiny for his fluctuating weight.

The War Dogs actor had previously piled on the pounds for roles in 21 and 22 Jump Street as well as The Wolf Of Wall Street, but has been able to lose it and showcase a slimmed-down look afterwards.

At his heaviest, Jonah weighed almost 18 stone and has since lost over 3 stone.

The actor shot to fame in 2007 teen comedy Superbad, and has since been battling his self image in the public eye.

Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill has battled fluctuating weight throughout his career

Back in 2011, Jonah famously slimmed down his 17 stone 8lb frame for his role in Moneyball with co-star Brad Pitt.

His slimmed-down figure sparked much speculation that Brad was the driving force behind his major weight loss, however Jonah later said it was simply down to a new diet and taking care of himself.

Speaking about his impressive 2 stone 8 lb weight loss, he told ABC News: “It was just mostly diet.

“I wish there was some crazy thing that I did, like a pill or a genie or something, but I went to see a nutritionist, and he told me what to eat to change my habits and stuff.

“I found that Japanese food was very helpful to me.”

Jonah pictured in 2009

At his heaviest, Jonah weighed almost 18 stone and has since lost over 3 stone

He also admitted that something as simple as ditching beer had helped him shed the weight faster than he thought.

He explained: “I went to a nutritionist and I said, ‘I’ll lose weight, I’ll eat healthier and whatever, but figure out how I can drink beer’.

“It’s so annoying because if I don’t drink beer, I get really really thin. Then when I drink beer, I get a little bigger.”

But despite his major weight loss, the actor later gained the weight back as his fluctuations began to take toll.

It was then in 2014 when he once again slimmed down for the action-comedy 22 Jump Street.

But the diet regime only lasted for two years as in 2016 Jonah again gained weight for his role in War Dogs opposite Channing Tatum.

Jonah pictured in 2014 before his slim-down for the action-comedy 22 Jump Street

Jonah was at his lowest weight ever in 2017

Despite the gain, Jonah then admitted he would be resuming his healthy lifestyle to drop the pounds once again after the film.

The world got to see Jonah at his lowest ever weight in 2017 after the actor lost a whopping three stone that he put on for his role in War Dogs.

Speaking on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he revealed the hilarious advice Jump Street co-star gave him.

He said: “I gained weight for this movie  War Dogs,  and then I wanted to get in better shape, so I called Channing, and said, ‘Hey, if I ate less and go to a trainer, will I get in better shape?’

“And he said, ‘Yes, you dumb motherf***er, of course you will, it’s the simplest thing in the entire world’.”

Jonah pictured in 2018

Jonah gained some weight back, pictured here last week

And throughout the years, Jonah has been very open about his weight journey, admitting that his self-esteem had been affected by the vicious criticism regarding his size.

Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres back in 2018, he said: “I became famous in my late teens and then spent most of my young adult life listening to people say that I was fat and gross and unattractive.

“And it’s only in the last four years writing and directing my movie, ‘Mid90s,’ that I’ve started to understand how much that hurt and got into my head.”

“I really believe everyone has a snapshot of themselves from a time when they were young that they’re ashamed of. For me, it’s that 14-year-old overweight and unattractive kid who felt ugly to the world, who listened to hip-hop and who wanted so badly to be accepted by this community of skaters.”

Jonah (right) shot to fame after starring in Superbad in 2007

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He added: “I think everybody has a version of themselves … at some point in your life the person you’re trying to kind of hide from the world.

“Even if you get success or you grow up or you become good-looking or whatever, the things that you think will fix the thing, you kind of carry some part of that with you.

“It took a long time — honestly until right now — for me to come out as sort of the person, the artist, mind, what I represent, how I feel, how I’d like to be spoken to, how I speak to the world in a way that actually represents who I am as a person as opposed to me trying to be something else that I’m not. I’m under construction like we all are.”

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