Monica Boyer weighed 250 pounds (R) about three years ago. After losing 120 pounds (L) on the Keto diet, she’s coaching others on how to slim down. Photos provided.

Monica Boyer weighed 250 pounds (R) about three years ago. After losing 120 pounds (L) on the Keto diet, she’s coaching others on how to slim down. Photos provided.

It was when she found herself lying to one of her children that Monica Boyer knew she needed to lose weight.

Since then, she’s not only lost over 100 pounds and kept it off, but also became a certified Ketogenic lifestyle coach and started her own business – Ketomom Coaching LLC – to help many others lose weight.

In an interview earlier this week, Boyer said after graduating high school in 1994 and getting married, she began to put on weight.

“Life just happened. I had four children. We were very, very busy. I was a lobbyist and I was a woman working in a man’s world and to do that, you have to become the position,” she said.

She was trained to be a lobbyist by now-Congresswoman Jackie Walorski.

“She told me, as a woman working in politics, you never show weakness. Ever. So I was trained not to cry,” Boyer recalled, but she let herself go and got up to 250 pounds. She was overcome by anxiety and depression and had stroke-level blood pressure. “I was at my end.”

Three years ago, she and her husband sat down with their son, who had gotten engaged, and their son asked them to go to Cedar Point with them.

“I had to lie to him and say, ‘I’m sorry, Tony, we can’t afford it.’ Technically, tickets are pretty darn expensive, but the fact was I didn’t want some high school kid to have me wait in the line and have him tell me I was too big for the ride. So, my world froze at that point,” she said, calling that her “lowest point.”

Her son was 21 at the time. “If I couldn’t be a mom to him because of my size, what had I become?” she said.

But she had tried every diet – Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and even was so desperate she tried laxatives. She thought there was nothing to help her and she was tired of dieting.

Then a friend, who lost 60 pounds, told Boyer about Keto and helped her get started.

The first thing she noticed was a loss of pain in her bones and joints. “I remember bounding down the steps at my house and getting to the bottom and realizing my feet didn’t hurt. And I had to go back upstairs and come back down again. I didn’t even know I had had the pain until there was no pain,” she said.

The second thing she noticed was when her fog of depression lifted.

“It took me a year, but I lost 120 pounds. And about 80 pounds in, people started to notice what was going on,” Boyer said.

After spending hours and hours with other women who wanted to know what she was doing to lose the weight, she realized the mission of her life was changing. She wanted to help other women lose unwanted pounds and get healthy again, so she became a certified Ketogenic lifestyle coach.

The day her job was eliminated at Grace College after 12 years there, she opened her Ketomom Coaching office in Warsaw.

“I’ve coached about 750 people and they have lost about 8,000 pounds in these two years. I’ve kept it off for two years, and it’s transforming inside and out. I don’t have the depression, my blood pressure is perfect, my lipid panel (is perfect). Now I’m able to be on the frontlines of helping people get their lives back,” Boyer stated.

She has a seven-week online coaching program with clients from as far away as Israel and Ireland.

“We just launched this brand new program where I’ll be coaching people for a year,” Boyer said. “What I’m finding is, after seven weeks, they drop about 25 pounds.”

Clients can choose between seven-week, 12-week or one-year plans. She said she’s finding that after the one-year plans, her clients make Keto a part of their lifestyles.

So what is a Keto diet?

“A Keto diet is not the Atkins diet. A lot of people confuse the two. Keto is low carb, it’s moderate protein and it’s high healthy fat,” Boyer explained. “So if a client tells me that they are hungry at any point during our program, they’re doing it wrong because we use that high healthy fat to convert their bodies from burning sugar and carbs – which gives you that afternoon slump, makes you tired, puts fat around your belly … it’s all based around insulin – if we can convert that operating system and make your body burn ketones and your own body fat for fuel – literally when you go to bed at night, you’re burning fat cells and you’re losing weight in the middle of the night because your body is burning its own fat cells and that’s called ketosis.”

If the body can be kept in ketosis, then the fat keeps burning. The high healthy fats are not foods like fried chicken, but things like olive oil, avocados and cheeses.

“A lot of people who think they’re doing the Keto diet are not actually, they’re just doing a low carb. So they’re bouncing back from burning that sugar and having those insulin spikes to kind of ketosis and that kind of makes them feel ill, makes them feel sick. We want them completely, deeply in ketosis so their bodies are burning their own body fat for fuel,” Boyer said.

She’s been in ketosis for three years and that’s where she feels the best.

“The first thing that my clients tell me is, ‘I can’t believe the energy I have.’ When you burn ketones for fuel, it’s unlike any sugar burning that you’ll ever experience. It’s pure liquid energy,” Boyer said.

Her clients also notice their sugar levels. About 23 of them had Type II Diabetes “completely reversed,” Boyer said, and their doctors signed off that they no longer had diabetes. Additionally, three of her clients have been able to have children because of improvements to their health.

“There’s a lot of misinformation on what Keto is. A lot of people think that we sit around all day and eat bacon and lick a stick of butter. It’s so much more than that,” she said.

As for exercise, Boyer said when she lost that 120 pounds she didn’t exercise.

“Here’s what I tell my clients: Now, should you exercise? Yeah, you should. You lose up to 36% faster if you do. But, more dangerous than a doughnut is cortisol. Cortisol is stress. So if you’re telling me, ‘Monica, it stresses me out to go run a mile or to go do something,’ I’m going to say, ‘Don’t you do it. Let’s focus on food,’” she said.

Everything in the Keto diet is based on food.

“If you can tell me that you love to exercise, then we’ve got to do it, we’ve got to grab it,” Boyer said. “So what I tell clients is, ‘Let’s get the food thing now. No exercise at first.’”

When a client goes into ketosis, they get energy and that’s when Boyer tells them they should get up and do what they feel the urge to do – run, walking around the block or whatever.

“So, should you exercise? Yeah,” she said.

Coaching packages with Boyer start at $225 and go up from there. Corporate packages also are available. “It just depends on what the client needs,” Boyer said.

More information on the diet program, packages, classes and costs can be found at

“There’s hope. I was a poster child for hopelessness at 250 pounds. I had tried everything, and if I was sitting with a woman or a man, I would say, ‘If you’ve tried everything, there’s hope.’ Not just dieting, getting the weight off, but there’s hope getting life back. That’s why so many people are sad – we’ve tried everything and there’s not been hope. And I found it, and I was able to live  it,” Boyer said.