Lose up to two stone in ten weeks

The three keys to a genuine weight loss (fat loss ) plan are diet, exercise, and metabolism correction. All three keys interconnect – one will not work without the other. Your metabolism is the most powerful of all the three keys – it is the ‘switch’ that controls everything else. In most people this switch is off.

Metabolism problems such as slow thyroid, type 2 diabetes, sluggish liver, hormone imbalances, PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, and digestive problems such as constipation, IBS, and diverticulitis will limit or stop your weight loss, no matter how much dieting or exercise you do.

System 10 scientifically combines food and exercise to fix your metabolism for amazing weight loss and toning. You also get great energy, better sleep, and other health benefits – all connected to metabolism problems.

This is a total plan of normal food, exercise, superb information, and motivation. It includes:

• A metabolism analysis to identify the weak areas within your system.

• Seven-day food plans that tell you exactly what to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, all nutritionally balanced and portion specific to each individual.

• The system uses normal, everyday, foods. Eating well has never been so easy.

• You get treat calories every day and a weekly alcohol allowance.

• Simple weekly exercise covering cardio and toning.

Choose from a 10-week or six-week in-clinic one-to-one programme, or the very successful four-week home plan which includes twice weekly weigh-ins plus a weekly private phone consultation.

Contact Grace on 087 1727882 for all information and starting dates.

The System 10 plan includes:

• An analysis of your metabolism.

• Dietician designed highly balanced food plans of normal, natural foods — no pills, bars, or shakes.

• An exercise plan [home – walk, jog, or bike] or gym plan including toning.

• Nutritional supplement recommendations to rapidly repair your system.

• Private weigh-ins, motivational tips, and support throughout the programme.

System 10 guarantees that every pound you lose is a pound of fat [you do not lose water or muscle like most plans]. You will lose 2-3lb every week and, because the programme is designed to speed up your metabolism, you will keep the weight off when you finish your plan. Programmes are available for men and women.

Contact Grace on 087 1727882 for an appointment. Clinics are located in Salthill, Oranmore, and Clifden.

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