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So far, I’ve lost 17 pounds!

I am truly amazed. I had tried so many eating approaches in the last 18 years, I was convinced nothing would ever work. This works.

“This” is “eating like a bear.”

“Eat Like A Bear” is the creation of Amanda Rose, Ph.D., who a few short years ago discovered the best approach for weight loss: intermittent fasting coupled with low-carb/keto meals.

Amanda had weighed 280 pounds. She was so desperate to lose weight, she planned to have bariatric surgery. But before she could get the surgery, she had to lose weight.

She figured out how to lose, kept losing, never had the surgery, and ended up at half her weight at 140 pounds.

Then she began to share her success. She started the Eat Like A Bear group on Facebook in July 2018 with about 500 people. People in the group started losing and the group kept growing. There are now more than 70,000 in the supportive Bear community and the group is on track to see more than 100 people in the Century Club (100-pounds-plus weight loss) by the end of the year.

The approach is simple: You eat one low-carb meal for an hour a day and fast the remaining 23 hours. (This can vary — people are losing eating two smaller meals in a four-hour window and fasting 20 hours. In her videos, Amanda encourages viewers to find what works for them and stick with it.)

The recommended meal is the Ridiculously Big Salad. The salad fills a mixing bowl and is mainly greens, with other vegetables added for crunch and texture; 5 to 8 ounces of protein, and a fatty dressing.

The Ridiculously Big Salad takes about an hour to eat, and you feel Thanksgiving full when you’re done.

A cooked keto meal can be eaten in place of the salad.

Whichever approach you choose — one or two meals in a one-, two-, four- or six-hour window, the fasting period is sacrosanct. You may drink water, electrolytes, teas and plain coffee, but nothing that adds calories.

You can learn more at and by joining the Eat Like A Bear group on Facebook.

Whether you have fat that is old enough to drive or 10 pounds of Lockdown Lard, this works.

Try it.

What have you got to lose?

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