New Year’s Resolutions: Losing Weight

Jennifer Lewerenz | Jan 4, 2021 AT 12:00 pm

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(KNSI) – What is your new year’s resolution?

One of the most popular year after year is to lose weight.

Tabetha Temperley with Livea Weight Control Centers says one of the biggest barriers to shedding those extra pounds is temptation.

“It’s the temptations of the sweet tooth or the, you know, super salty things, or whatever it might be that kind of that really yummy thing that you absolutely love. And everybody’s is usually a little bit different.”

Planning for meals and snacks, so you’re not digging through the cupboards can eliminate temptation by distancing yourself from it altogether. When you plan your meals, shop accordingly, and stick to the list to avoid bringing unhealthy salty snacks or sweets into your pantry. Drinking plenty of water also helps by keeping you full.

Remembering that everyone’s lifestyles, body types, and metabolisms are different can help, too, Temperley says. “We see other people, they don’t seem like they’re struggling maybe, and it’s not necessarily that they’re not struggling with their weight or health and wellness. It’s just that their struggle might look a little bit different for them, and so I think it’s hard to always see what the other person’s shoes look like, if that makes sense.”

She says as a health and wellness counselor, she hears from women, especially those who say their husband has the metabolism of a bunny and can eat whatever he wants, blinks three times, and loses 20 pounds. In contrast, they have one square of chocolate and gain five pounds.

“If we’re walking in someone else’s shoes, sometimes it’s hard to do that when it comes to health and wellness, because we expect everybody’s journey to look the exact same.”

Temperley says not to get discouraged and stick with it. If you’re having trouble, talk to a weight loss counselor or your doctor to find a plan tailored for you.


Temperley holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a master’s degree in sports and exercise psychology from Minnesota State University Mankato.

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