Remote Jobs: 50 Work From Home Companies Hiring Now

Over the past decade, remote work has evolved from being a cool company perk to an expectation for most job seekers in the corporate space, especially in tech. The numbers back this up, as Flexjobs reports remote jobs have skyrocketed 159% between 2005 and 2017. 

This rapid increase is likely the culmination of a number of factors. For starters, technological advances have closed the gap between what employees can do in the office compared to anywhere with reliable wifi access. Thanks to video conferencing, the cloud and project management software, team members can even collaborate from different countries without missing a beat. 

Companies have learned to embrace the convenience of remote work without having to compromise on team culture or productivity. Contrary to what many traditionalists believe, statistics show remote work programs actually result in more productivity. EmailAnalytics reports 25 percent less turnover in companies with remote work programs, while employees who work at home are 77 percent more likely to self-report higher productivity. 

Due to both the general upward trajectory of working from home opportunities and the occurrence of world-changing events like the outbreak of COVID-19, remote jobs and the flexibility that comes with them are more desirable — and necessary — than ever before. 

For anyone interested in working remotely, here are 50 top tech companies that will allow you to work from home or anywhere else. 

Work From Home Companies WIth Most Open Remote Jobs

  • Hinge Health
  • CircleCI
  • ReCharge
  • Laserfiche
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Auth0
  • DigitalOcean
  • Webflow
  • PlanGrid
  • Paro
  • Hologram, Inc.


Hinge Health work from home companies
hinge health


Remote Jobs Open: 30+

What they do: Hinge Health meets patients where they are by operating a digital hospital that specifically focuses on treating musculoskeletal health. The company treats back and joint pain with wearable sensors to orchestrate real-time exercise therapy, offers one-on-one counseling services and has a plethora of reading materials to help educate patients without heavily relying on surgery or opioids. 

Cool Perks: Affordable healthcare, professional development stipend, work from home and a dog-friendly office. 


CircleCI work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 25+

What they do: CircleCI produces a hub for DevOps professionals to create tools and systems for their various needs. CircleCI is already the largest shared continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) system in the world and has a list of clients that includes Facebook, Kickstarter and Spotify. As an additional bonus, with its wide user base, CircleCI has access to data on how engineering teams from several different industries operate to improve efficiency. 

Cool Perks: Work from home or at one of the company’s many global locations, company equity, unlimited vacation policy, free meals and medical, dental and vision benefits. 


ReCharge work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 25+

What they do: Creating a remote-first culture for the world-at-large is one of ReCharge’s top priorities, so it’s only natural the company makes our list. ReCharge primarily focuses on helping subscription-based businesses thrive by creating opportunities for customers to make one-time products recurring purchases, while also making it easier to distribute subscription offerings and discounts. 

Cool Perks: Competitive compensation, 401(k) benefits, unlimited PTO, bi-annual team retreats and a monthly stipend to subscribe to clients products. 


Laserfiche work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 20+

What they do: With a founding date back in the late 1980s, Laserfiche has been helping offices innovate for decades by transitioning away from paper documents. Today, Laserfiche continues this mission by providing companies with content management platforms and business process automation software via cloud computing and machine learning techniques. 

Cool Perks: Flexible work schedule, on-site recreational activities, social clubs, professional development opportunities and generous PTO. 


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center work from home companies
memorial sloan kettering cancer center


Remote Jobs Open: 10+

What they do: The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center specializes in finding new ways to research and treat various forms of cancer with new technologies. By prioritizing the use of data, analytics and other forms of technology to improve its operations and patient experience, MSK is on the cutting edge of cancer research. 

Cool Perks: Tuition reimbursement, a flexible benefits package, access to child and elder care, adoption assistance and generous PTO.  


Auth0 work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 10+

What they do: Auth0 produces a platform that authorizes and authenticates logins for various web and mobile applications. Every year the company’s technology secures billions of logins for customers. Some of Auth0’s clients include BlueCross BlueShield, Siemens and The Economist. 

Cool Perks: Onsite gym, 401(k) matching, flexible work schedule, remote work program and a fully-stocked kitchen. 


DigitalOcean work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 10+

What they do: DigitalOcean produces a cloud platform that was designed specifically with developers in mind. To date, more than 3.5 million developers from companies like Slack, GitLab and Docker use DigitalOcean’s services to support their infrastructure while they focus on building out new products. DigitalOcean has access to 12 data centers in North America, Europe and Asia as of 2020. 

Cool Perks: Education support, gym reimbursement, free meals every day, customized work stations and a $100 stipend for headphones. 


Webflow work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 10+

What they do: Designing a website for a business is traditionally reserved for developers and web designers who are trained in various coding languages. Webflow opens this process up to anyone with a visual CMS that writes HTML and CSS as users design websites and apps to run their businesses. 

Cool Perks: Flex holidays, $1,000 annual health reimbursement, dedicated time to work on company-related special projects, $380 a month for commuter or remote work costs and an annual team retreat.  


PlanGrid work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 10+

What they do: Construction may be one of the oldest trades in existence, but there’s always room to innovate. PlanGrid helps contractors and architects do exactly that by providing software built specifically for industry. PlanGrid’s products are designed for customers who are looking for more efficient ways to share and store documents and data in an effort to streamline efficiency.

Cool Perks: Premium medical, dental and vision coverage, generous PTO and 401(k) matching. 


Paro work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 10+

What they do: Paro offers remote financial consulting services, such as bookkeeping, financial analysis and accounting, to businesses that need support. Para’s finance team is equipped to help a wide array of businesses on either a short-term or ongoing basis. Some companies that have used Paro’s services are Cameo, Neighborly and BenchPrep. 

Cool Perks: Free breakfast on Monday and free lunch of Friday, casual dress, a flexible work schedule and generous parental leave.  


Hologram work from home companies
hologram, inc.


Remote Jobs Open: 10+

What they do: One of the most frustrating issues for the international traveler is staying connected and communicating with their contacts abroad. Hologram, Inc. produces a SIM card that gives users Internet access in over 196 countries by using coverage from more than 550 carriers. This kind of flexibility is especially useful for any teams who travel regularly to conduct business or attend meetings and events. 

Cool Perks: Competitive pay, unlimited PTO, fully covered health benefits and remote work.


Candid work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Scheduling multiple appointments with an orthodontist and waiting for follow-ups can take a bit of time. Candid cuts that short by making the process remote. The company sends out a starter kit and clear aligners to help straighten teeth, while allowing customers the abilitt to check in using phone scans. 

Cool Perks: Company equity, opportunities to partner with Smile Train, flexible work schedule and unlimited vacation time.


RingCentral work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: RingCentral helps businesses stay in touch and organized with cloud communication tools that offer voice services, video conferencing and a variety of other messaging options. For a company that enables remote work, RingCentral is also a practitioner of the strategy. 

Cool Perks: Competitive salary, quarterly bonuses, complimentary breakfast and lunch and employee stock purchase plans. 


Kranze Technology Solutions work from home companies
kranze technology solutions


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Kranze Technology Solutions produces infrared countermeasures (IRCM) systems and other tech designed to support the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and SOCOM. The company’s IRCM systems help protect troops from surface-to-air missiles designed to shoot down military aircraft. 

Cool Perks: Paid overtime, simplified employee pension plan, paid government holidays, international travel opportunities and tuition reimbursement. 


Ellevation Education work from home companies
Ellevation education


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Ellevation Education provides a web-based software platform designed for English language learners, educators and their students. Many EL programs around the country struggle to meet the needs of students, as well as administrative qualifications and benchmarks. Ellevation Education offers strategies to improve these pain points.

Cool Perks: Unlimited vacation days, flexible work schedules, a diversity affinity group and two company-wide offsite events every year. 


DocuSign work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: DocuSign produces eSignature, one of the most commonly used methods of electronically signing documents, and other products that help automate documentation processes. Signing contracts and agreements is a part of practically every business, and DocuSign helps them save on space and time by making the process digital. 

Cool Perks: Generous PTO, six months parental leave,  education assistance and allocated volunteer days. 


Workiva work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Data can often find itself in a lot of different places, even if it’s all related. Workiva helps businesses get better organized and keep all of their data elements linked to each other to provide a clearer picture of any relevant findings with its platform. 

Cool Perks: ESPP, performance bonuses, 12 weeks of parental leave, paid volunteer time and company bicycles.


InboxLab work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Reaching out to customers directly through email is still much more successful than casting a wide net through social media posts. At least, that’s what the team at Inboxlab believes and built its company around. Inboxlab builds companies that understand their audiences and communicate with them in the best way possible through email. 

Cool Perks: Stipends for gym memberships, an Away suitcase, a pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones and a par of All-Bird sneakers. 


Noom work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Weight loss can be challenging for a long list of reasons. Noom recognizes this and it offers a weight loss model that uses artificial intelligence, mobile tech and psychology to support users as they make the necessary behavioral changes to reach their long-term goals. 

Cool Perks: Comprehensive health insurance, daily lunch, weekly yoga sessions and an annual offsite meeting. 


VilageMD work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Doctors are often forced to wait until they see their patients in-person to help them improve their health. With the help of VillageMD, which offers them data analytics, support services and other remote resources, physicians are now able to rest easier knowing that their patients are getting the best care. 

Cool Perks: Generous PTO, 401(k) matching, commuter benefits, flexible scheduling and snacks. 


Outreach work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: The Outreach platform leverages machine learning to help companies grow revenue and work more efficiently. With machine learning at their disposal, companies can get more work from employees and get the most out of customer interactions at every step of the process. 

Cool Perks: A pet-friendly office, relocation assistance, volunteer at quarterly company events and multiple employee resource groups. 


AccuLynx work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: AccuLynx offers project management software for roofing contractors. The company’s software allows customers to keep teams connected, which ultimately improves efficiency and revenue. According to AccuLynx’s website, it’s used by contractors more than any other roofing software. 

Cool Perks: Competitive pay, flexible paid time off, 401(k) matching and competitive health coverage. 




Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: MuteSix is a digital creative agency that offers customers the latest marketing solutions to make sure they’re sending the best possible message to their consumers. Customers include PetCo, Shell, the Los Angeles Times, Rover and a growing list of recognizable brands. 

Cool Perks: A scooter and a dog-friendly office, unlimited snacks and cold brew, a free onsite gym and a bunch of outdoor amenities like hammocks, barbecue grills and a basketball court.


Gympass work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: A lot of companies offer gym memberships as a perk and a way to encourage employees to stay healthy. Gympass produces a platform that makes that even more convenient by offering users access to gyms all over the country and a variety of online classes. 

Cool Perks: Team workouts using the Gympass platform, a pet-friendly office, tuition reimbursement and wellness programs. 


Paylocity work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Paylocity strives to be the best friend and favorite platform of every HR team thanks to its services. Paylocity specifically offers businesses of all sizes assistance with payroll, workforce management and a variety of other tasks related to office management. If used properly, Paylocity’s software could free up HR executives’ time so that they can spend more time prioritizing more important tasks. 

Cool Perks: Freedom to manage your own schedule, lunch and learns, mentorship programs and an onsite gym.


Invisible Technologies work from home companies
invisible technologies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: As developers find new ways to advance the capabilities of artificial intelligence, business professionals are finding more ways to implement it into their day-to-day tasks. Invisible Technologies plays an important role in that process as it helps businesses continue to automate more processes to give their employees more of their time back. 

Cool Perks: Flexible work schedule, company equity, unlimited vacation and learning and development. 


Domino Data Lab
Domino Data Lab


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Domino Data Lab gives data scientists freedom to create and deliver models while tracking their work on an easy-to-use platform. In short, it automates the DevOps aspect of their roles and lets them focus primarily on building instead of logistics. This also creates more opportunities for them to rebuild models down the road or share them with team members. Companies like TBS, Postmates and Dell have already used Domino Data Lab’s products so far. 

Cool Perks: Flexible work schedule, commuter benefits, a fully-stocked kitchen, an annual education reimbursement and six weeks of fully paid parental leave.  


Nuro work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: While some people are cautious about the role robotics could play in our lives in the future, others find inspiration and an opportunity to shape how we get there. The founders of Nuro have a deep history in robotics and machine learning, including their time working on Google’s self-driving car project. Now, they and their staff are finding ways that robotics can help people in everyday life. 

Cool Perks: Daily catered lunch and dinner, paid holidays and generous PTO, company equity and competitive salary. 


Peloton work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Technology has made it so much easier to do things at home people used to have to venture out into the world for. Peloton pushes that concept even further by offering fitness classes through mobile application formats. A customer in Atlanta could enjoy the same high-intensity bike workout as a customer in California as if they’re in the same fitness studio. 

Cool Perks: Onsite gym access, generous PTO, relocation assistance, tuition reimbursement and generous PTO and parental leave. 


Girlboss work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Girlboss was founded as an extension of founder Sophia Amoruso’s New York Times best-selling book of the same name. The company is an online community for women in the professional space to support each other and network. The website is set to officially launch in spring 2020.

Cool Perks: Company equity, fully paid health benefits, unlimited PTO,  paid maternity leave and a 401(k). 


FormLabs work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: 3D printing allows users to make pretty much anything they can conceive. However, using 3D printers requires a certain level of understanding and skill. Formlabs, which was founded in 2011 at MIT, has a team full of experts who manufacture and sell 3D printers to a variety of industries looking to create objects on their own. 

Cool Perks: Unlimited 3D prints, catered lunches three times a week, regular presentations and social clubs. 




Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: The cannabis industry is growing exponentially as more states go on to pass legalization laws, thus expanding the market even further. LeafLink’s founders saw this as an opportunity to step forward and become one of the leading wholesale ordering platforms in the industry by connecting licensed brands with retailers. 

Cool Perks: Unlimited PTO, company equity and monthly happy hours. 


Wevr work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Wevr is a leading software company based out of Los Angeles that specifically produces virtual worlds that users can explore on their own. Founded in 2009, Wevr has already produced multiple iconic VR experiences and is currently working on a secret project based on “a top global IP.” 

Cool Perks: A dog-friendly office, plenty of snacks around the office, free lunch twice a week and team happy hours. 


Mastery Logistics Systems
mastery logistics systems


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Mastery Logistics Systems (MLS) depends on decades of experience to support a mission of reducing waste in the freight logistics industry. MLS aims to create a tracking system that will attach trackers to freights and send data directly to shippers to cut back on paperwork and invoices. Essentially, by keeping track of shipments at every step of the process, companies will be able to cut back on excess time and resources. 

Cool Perks: An inclusive work environment, a four-day workweek and a mandatory week off every four months. 


Nylas work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: One of the golden rules of business is that the easier you make a task for users, the more likely it is that they’ll complete it. For a company, this might be as simple as asking a website visitor to sign up for a newsletter to find out more later on. To make these kinds of call-to-action items more user-friendly, Nylas helps companies connect their applications to “every email, calendar and contacts provider in the world.” If users can click a button and take care of all of the tedious work of engaging with a company, half of the battle is already won. 

Cool Perks: Competitive pay, catered lunches, $100 stipend for health and wellness and $1,000 annual stipend for annual education and development. 


Latch work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Founded in 2014, Latch gives customers the ability to lock and unlock doors with the use of their smartphones, keycard or a door code. In short, Latch is a leader in a new era of access where metal keys could become an obsolete part of the past. It’s even partnered with UPS to make home deliveries more convenient. 

Cool Perks: Collaborative volunteering opportunities, 16 weeks of parental leave for both primary and secondary caretakers and quarterly lunch and learns. 


RigUp work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Practically every industry has its own specific marketplace, and the energy industry is no different. RigUp claims the title of the world’s largest marketplace for energy as it connects energy companies with each other for more effective collaboration—while also cutting down on costs and risk. 

Cool Perks: Competitive salary, unlimited vacation, $2,00 annual on stipend after three years of employment, 75 percent tuition reimbursement and an onsite gym. 


Aleysian work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Founded in 2019, Aleysian employs Salesforce and Mulesoft experts who then share their expertise with clients who are looking for ways to use this same software to improve their own operations. Aleysian’s consultants are trained to offer executive-level strategic guidance and cutting edge architecture, implementation and maintenance. 

Cool Perks: Unlimited PTO, performance bonuses, more than 40 hours per year for paid volunteering and Salesforce and Mulesoft certification assistance. 


Fictiv work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: While a lot of the latest billboard innovations have been made in the software space, a lot of growth is occurring in hardware. Fictiv has helped companies like Facebook, Tesla and IDEO produce hardware based on prototypes by connecting them with manufacturers that could mold their ideas into actual products. 

Cool Perks: Access to Udemy business courses, continuing education stipends, paid volunteer days and free catered lunch and snacks. 


Mode work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Mode has worked with the likes of Lyft, Zillow, DoorDashand Everlane to provide their data scientists more efficient ways to analyze, visualize and share data. This gives companies the flexibility they need to make quick decisions that are based on irrefutable data. 

Cool Perks: Professional development, flexible schedule, daily catered lunches and a fully stocked kitchen. 


NerdWallet work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Nerdwallet is one of the most widely used resources when it comes to financial literacy. The website regularly publishes evergreen and timely content regarding finances and offers readers opportunities to use a variety of products and services that fit their specific needs. 

Cool Perks: Quarterly hackathons, onsite fitness and meditation classes, unlimited PTO and fully paid parental leave. 


TransUnion work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Founded in 1968, TransUnion is one of the—if not the—most recognizable credit reporting bureaus in the world. If someone is looking to make a large purchase or just curious about where their credit score stands, TransUnion will likely be one of their key sources of information. 

Cool Perks: Collaborate across the company with video conferencing, three onsite game rooms, quarterly town hall and massage chairs onsite.  


VMWare Carbon Black work from home companies
vmware carbon black


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: With more than 5,600 customers as of 2020, including nearly one-third of the Fortune 100, VMware Carbon Black helps protect customers from cyberattacks with cloud-native endpoint protection services. With the mentality that every endpoint is a possible entry point, Carbon Black prevents threats from taking advantage of them and gives customers actionable insights. 

Cool Perks: Matching charitable donations, sponsored race teams for fitness initiatives, tuition reimbursement and flexible work schedules. 




Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: For those who ever wondered how they could get their hands on Bitcoin, look no further. DigitalMint is a leading cryptocurrency point-of-sale provider and actually has multiple ATM and teller locations for customers to visit and ask any questions they may have. Buying Bitcoin may have never been this convenient before. 

Cool Perks: Company equity, performance bonus, unlimited PTO, pet friendly and paid certifications. 


Cruise work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Cruise takes on the challenge of launching a fully self-driving rideshare service. Based in San Francisco, Cruise uses a dedicated GM manufacturing plant to build the Cruise Origin, their autonomous vehicle, with the hopes that it’ll revolutionize the future of transportation. At the end of the day, executives at Cruise say their goal is to save lives, reimagine cities and redefine time in transit. 

Cool Perks: Flexible vacation, 401(k) matching, family expansion stipend, quarterly retreats and paid to volunteer. 


Discover work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Discover is one of the most recognizable names in the financial industry. Known primarily for its credit cards, Discover was founded in 1985 and has been innovating its processes ever since. The company also offers a variety of banking and loan services to customers. 

Cool Perks: Paid parental leave, professional leadership programs, tuition reimbursement, and 24-hour nurse hotline and telehealth services. 

Reverb work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Reverb is a popular online marketplace for new, used and vintage musical instruments that launched in 2013. With a global audience, Reverb works to establish a community of musicians and music lovers and keep them connected. 

Cool Perks: Fully covered premiums for health care, 12 weeks parental leave, 40 hours of paid volunteer time a year and generous PTO. 


Fastly work from home companies


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Fastly produces an edge cloud platform that makes it easier for consumers to interact with the companies and organizations they engage with online. Fastly also provides video streaming, content delivery and digital security services so that customers can spend less time focusing on maintaining websites and more time focused on improving operations. 

Cool Perks: A flexible vacation program, generous parental leave, options for free medical, dental and vision plans, commuter benefits and a fully-stocked kitchen.  


Bonusly work from home companiesBonusly


Remote Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Rewarding positive behaviors within companies plays an important role in ensuring that they continue and become a part of the culture. Bonusly is a platform that companies can use for teammates to give points away to their coworkers and ultimately qualify for rewards. 

Cool Perks: Competitive salaries, company equity, annual budget for wellness and continuing education, unconscious bias training and access to performance bonuses through the Bonusly product. 

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