Resurge Diet Supplement Review: Detailed Report with Latest Information Released

Since obesity has become one of the leading concerns among people, many weight loss supplements are emerging in the market. One such newly introduced supplement by John Barban is Resurge, which is not an ordinary weight loss formula. It walks on an entirely new path for melting off fat. Resurge follows a unique composition of some natural ingredients to help people get their dream figure only just by sleeping. This Resurge Review serves as an in-depth analysis of the product and its effectiveness. Read on to find out more.

Highlights of the Review

  • The reason behind Resurge popularity and its effectiveness
  • Why should you choose Resurge?
  • Things that mark Resurge uniqueness

Product Description – Resurge

Resurge is a nutritious dietary weight loss pill that comes in a white plastic bottle. A container contains 120 veggie size capsules as the serving size is four pills every day. It has gained a lot of popularity in the past few months because of its updated formula and super hit deals.

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Resurge besides showing great results against weight loss is also said to have an anti-aging effect. This FDA verified product has discovered a unique way to lose weight, which is by sleeping. You don’t believe it? Head on to the next heading to find out the working of Resurge.

Working Principle of Resurge

Resurge only works when the person is asleep. Therefore it is important to sleep right after taking the capsules. Resurge focuses on cutting off all the possible root causes that may trigger weight gain. It has set all its base on a night of sound sleep.

No supplement up until now, except Resurge, has used the link between sleep and storage of fat. Sleep deprivation may cause excessive production and storage of fat. It fights off depression and stress from the bay.

Resurge besides melting off fat, maintains the healthy functioning of organs that might have been affected due to obesity. Therefore, it can also be regarded as an anti-aging supplement, mentioned at SparkhealthMD.

Recommended Dosage

To reap the best results, take four capsules thirty minutes prior to going to bed. Avoid exceeding the recommended dosage.

Plus Points of Resurge

  • Non-GMO
  • Vegetarian
  • 100% natural
  • Side effects-free
  • FDA verified product
  • GMP certified
  • Made in the USA
  • Toxic-free formula
  • Backed by several kinds of research

Composition and Supplemental Facts of Resurge

Resurge uses just the right amount of ingredients to deliver maximum benefits to the body. Every ingredient used in the formula is backed by one or more studies. Visit the official site to have a look at the references. All the ingredients used are mentioned in the label to avoid any reactions.

Active ingredients of the Resurge include zinc, magnesium, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Theanine, East Indian Ashwagandha Root Extract, Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract, and Melatonin. Other subsumed ingredients include gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, and Silica.

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50mg of Magnesium and 15mg of Zinc together fight chronic stress. It helps to regulate the sleep cycle and to lay the essential nutrients to build cells.

Metabolic Regeneration Matrix

Both L-Arginine and L-Lysine were used in 1200mg to fight off oxidative stress and anxiety. As both lie in the category of essential amino acids, they need to be taken from an external source. Both of these ingredients are a major constituent of a healthy myelin sheath. The regulation of collagen molecules in the body prevents the storage of fats.

200mg L-Theanine is extracted from special teas and mushrooms to help users feel fresh and energetic during their weight loss journey. It also plays an important role in promoting a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

  • East Indian Ashwagandha Root Extract

It is an ancient and multi-functional ingredient that has the potential to deal with blood sugar, blood pressure, depression, stress, and anxiety together. Its 150mg works by repairing brain connections and making the user feel more focused and calm.

  • Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract

Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract, also known as Hydroxytryptophan, is a non-essential amino acid. 100mg of this ingredient is enough to regulate the level of hormone, which is responsible for keeping the user happy and keeping sleep and brain disorders at bay.

10mg of Melatonin is used in Resurge to maintain a healthy sleeping lifestyle. It is important to start the day with a smile.

Pros supported by testimonials

Below mentioned are some bullet points that set Resurge apart from other weight loss supplements. The list is as follows.

  • Herbal Product: Resurge is made up of only herbal and natural ingredients. The use of 100% organic ingredients ensures complete benefits and zero side effects.
  • GMP Certified: It is an approved GMP product. Each batch is thoroughly tested and checked for its purity before being dispatched.
  • Uniqueness: John has used a unique methodology to formulate Resurge. There has not been any such supplement before Resurge that has revealed that deprived sleep could result in weight gain.
  • Strong Background: Resurge was only made available after John Barban personally tested the product and verified the use of all ingredients as safe.

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  • Quick Results: Many positive customer reviews show how quickly they were able to observe the difference in their body and overall health.
  • Money-back guarantee: Resurge has a strong refund policy that offers 60 days 100% money-back guarantee to every first customer.
  • Customer Support: John has worked hard to provide friendly customer service to users all the time.

Cons of Buying Resurge

Here is a complete list of the downsides of purchasing Resurge. The cons are as follows:

  • Availability:Resurge to ensure its authenticity is not available at any local store. One can only buy it from its official site.
  • Limited Time Discount:The deals and discounts are only active for a limited time. To overcome it, buy it in bulk quantity.
  • Strict Instructions:It cannot be used by any child. Moreover, the label lays down some strict instructions that need to be followed to get complete benefits of the Resurge.

Why Resurge stand out in the market?

People love Resurge because it has helped them completely transform their lives. Here are some of the reasons that mark the benchmark of its popularity.

  • Suppresses appetite and reduces unnecessary hunger cravings
  • Boosts metabolism and uplifts digestion
  • Makes the user fall into a peaceful and deep sleep
  • Improves cognitive function and immunity
  • Helps the user get his/her dream figure
  • Enhances features and beauty
  • Regulates healthy levels of blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Deal with chronic anxiety and oxidative stress
  • Helps the user feel relaxed and calm
  • Revitalizes energy levels
  • Makes the user feel confident about his own body
  • Testimonials show it has helped people focus better on their work and life
  • Reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, diabetes, and many more diseases
  • Wakes the user fresh and happy

Bonus Purchase of Resurge

Purchasing Resurge will not only gift you or two but four bonuses. All of them are worth purchasing and trying. With every deal of Resurge, you will get these four expensive bonuses free. The bonuses are as follows:

  • Fat loss Forever Supplement
  • VFX Body Access
  • Adonis Golden Ratio Supplement
  • Thin From Within Supplement

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Discount and Deals on Resurge

Resurge incredible formula is indeed effective and affordable. John made sure to keep a reasonable price while formulating and introducing his formula to the world. The retail price of Resurge is $297.

Payment and transaction methods are all safe as users are given the choice of paying the bill by either PayPal or Credit Card. One can enjoy the miscellaneous health benefits of Resurge at a small cost of $34. There are no shipping or handling charges. The details of the packages are as follows.

Deal #1 – 30-Day Supply

The 30-day supply is a beginner package, where he can get one bottle of Resurge at $49.

Deal #2 – 90 Day Supply 

In this most popular deal, on buying three bottles together, the user will be able to save $774. He only needs to invest $117 instead of $891 that is $39 per bottle.

Deal #3 – 180 Day Supply

This exclusive deal costs $204 instead of $1782. In this package, you will get six bottles of Resurge, each at $34. It helps make the user make a huge saving of $1578.

Rock-Solid Money-Back Guarantee

According to the refund policy laid out by John Barban, every customer has 60 days to test the product and judge its effectiveness. If he/she is not satisfied with it, they can return the product and claim their money back within the stated time. The bottles should be returned whether full, half, or empty. It will be 100% refunded without any hassles or questions asked.

Final Thoughts – Highly Recommended!

Resurge, as mentioned above, can prove to be a true miracle formula if it suits you. It does not need any hard work or time. All Resurge needs is devotion and determination towards the goal. What is more interesting than losing every inch of unnecessary fat of the body when you are asleep. The simple rule of success with Resurge is to be consistent and patient. Considering its 100% money-back guarantee policy, purchasing Resurge is a completely risk-free experience.


Since this review has covered Resurge in every aspect, here is a section of FAQ too to make your purchase easy and simpler.

  • Which package is best for you?

Considering the small cost of Resurge in deal three and two, we advise going for it if you want to save more, and get Resurge benefits for a longer time. However, if you are new to it, and do not trust the brand, but still are interested to try it, then go for deal one, which only lasts for a month.

  • What if Resurge does not suit you?

In case Resurge might not be the supplement you are looking for, you just need to hit the team with an email and request for a refund. As soon as the requested ticket is accepted, you will get each and every penny back. Make sure the refund request lies within the 60 time period.

To make a safe purchase and get the authentic product, it is advised to only buy Resurge from its official site. The team will not be responsible for any product that is bought from a third party selling site. One can only get the bonuses if he buys it from the official site.

  • Is there any risk of allergies with the use of Resurge?

Resurge gives a crystal clear list of its ingredients for its customers to prevent any allergic reaction. However, it is to be made sure that Resurge is only made up of organic ingredients and their dosages have carefully been adjusted to avoid any side effects or inconvenience. Resurge follows GMP guidelines and is an FDA verified product.

  • Is Resurge suitable for you?

Resurge is for you if you want to reach your goal easily and quickly. It is an all in one supplement to boost the overall health of the body, regulate the sleep cycle, feel young, and shed off extra pounds. It is a healthier yet affordable alternative to other weight loss techniques.

  • Who shouldn’t use Resurge?

Consult your health specialist if you are currently or have a history of any medical condition. It is also important to seek consultation if you are using over-the-counter prescribed drugs. Resurge is not for children under 18. Nursing and pregnant women should also quit using it during this period.

  • What precautions should be taken before purchasing or using Resurge?

Do not buy Resurge if you lie within any of the conditions discussed above. Most importantly, avoid using any heavy machinery or automobile within eight hours of taking the capsules. The supplement should not be stored between 60°F and 80°F. Skip the capsules if you cannot sleep for eight to nine hours straight.

  • How long should you wait for the results?

The positive testimonials on different sites and social platforms gives evidence that Resurge has given them overnight results. Resurge uses special fat burning ingredients that start working as soon as they enter the body.

Visit the official website of Resurge for more details!

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