Semarang herbalists develop Jamu Corona to boost immune system – National

Makers of jamu (herbal medicine) in the Wonolopo jamu village in Semarang, Central Java, have started producing a drink they claim can provide protection against COVID-19.

The drink, called Jamu Corona, was concocted based on doctors’ suggestions for herbal recipes that can help strengthen the body’s immune system against viruses, they said.

Titi, a 60-year-old jamu brewer, explained that the drink was a mixture of brewed ginger, curcuma, turmeric and lemongrass, which she said would increase one’s stamina as well as boost the immune system.

“Drink jamu routinely and exercise. Your body will be healthy and it won’t be easily attacked by viruses,” Titi said on Saturday. 

Another jamu maker, Supriyanto, told The Jakarta Post the benefits of each ingredient.

“Ginger keeps us warm. Curcuma is good for stamina. Turmeric is good for digestion, so it can be consumed for weight loss. It is also good to increase the blood flow during menstruation,” Supriyanto said.

The village’s fame drew the attention of Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo, who stopped by for a visit on Saturday morning, using the opportunity to see the jamu-making process. 

Ganjar himself tried Jamu Corona and said that it tasted good.

“This is delicious! And it’s good for your health, too. It’s not a cure for novel coronavirus, but it can help protect you against the virus,” he said.

Ganjar also told the people of Wonolopo Jamu village to protect themselves and their families against the outbreak.

“Keep your distance from each other. Wear a face mask immediately if you feel sick. Don’t forget to wash your hands with soap as often as possible,” he said. 

As of Sunday morning, Indonesia has reported 450 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 38 deaths. (dpk)

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