The Coronavirus Epidemic In Birmingham, Ala. Seen Through A Doctor With The Disease

The Trump administration has promised that the first direct payments to taxpayers will arrive in two weeks. The White House has scheduled a briefing on its coronavirus response for 5 p.m. ET.

The state had 562 coronavirus-related deaths in the past 24 hours. In a bit of “good news,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said 1,452 coronavirus patients have been discharged from hospitals in the past day.

President Trump told reporters on Thursday that he had taken a second coronavirus test, which was negative.

Cases of COVID-19 have appeared throughout the country, but certain areas have been hit harder than others. Find out how many cases and deaths have been reported in each state.

Simply talking could produce tiny particles of mucus and saliva that might carry the coronavirus, experts say. How much these airborne particles matter for the spread of this disease is controversial.

Phil Murphy says he asked for 2,500, but has so far received only 850. And of those, some “were not at the level they needed to be.”

The president and others have criticized 3M, with some officials alleging profiteering during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the company says cutting exports would be a mistake.

“I feel violated,” Jason Hargrove said, in a widely shared video complaining of selfish behavior during the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly two weeks later, the Detroit driver is dead of the disease.

One big commercial testing lab revealed a backlog of at least 115,000 tests, illustrating the scope of the coronavirus testing problems.

A cough on his couch led comedian Dana Jay Bein to write the parody song “Coronavirus Rhapsody.” Then he tweeted it — and the Internet took it from there.

Mike Bloomberg’s presidential bid didn’t last long, but he promised staffers jobs through November. Now some who were abruptly laid off during a pandemic are detailing how they say they were misled.

Federal and state law enforcement are asking questions about Zoom’s security and privacy policies, as millions flock to the videoconferencing service for meetings, classes and social gatherings.

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