The miracle diet in fashion among the famous with which you can lose 15 kilos in 12 weeks

Halle Berry, Kourtney Kardashian, Adriana Lima … The list of celebrities and celebrities who follow the latest fad diet is almost endless. The Keto diet, which dispenses with carbohydrates, is trending. Its results vary depending on people, but there are those who claim to have lost 15 kilos in just a few weeks. Here are the keys:

The keto diet eliminates – or minimizes – the intake of carbohydrates. Instead, go for fats and proteins. This is a formula that is prescribed to many athletes, especially when it is intended to lose weight.

How does it work? La keto is a ketogenic diet. This “word” derives from ketosis, the name of a metabolic process where the body produces enough energy to keep it going.What happens when you don’t get enough glucose from carbohydrates for energy production. This is when the body then has to use fats to generate energy, also known as beta-oxidation.

For this, what is done is to suppress carbohydrates, thus achieving the “burning” of fats is anticipated. Hence the weight loss. TThere are also those who assure that this diet favors brain activity.

What there is also scientific evidence for is that this diet is not a miracle for weight loss. It is a diet considered one of the most restrictive, for the limited range of food it allows.

Long-term use is also not recommended, as it can have dangerous effects on the body, especially on the bones.. Alcoholics and diabetics are especially discouraged.
For best results, experts advise combining it with physical exercise. Both activities will increase the weight loss of the user.

If you are willing to follow this diet you will need to know what type of food you can eat. Here are some: all kinds of meats –including red meats–, fish –especially blue meats– and seafood, eggs, dairy products –preferably the most fatty ones, such as cream, cream or cured cheeses–, cocoa, avocado, nuts, coconut and its derivatives, vegetable oils, seeds, creams and vegetable pates.

Therefore, foods such as bread, pasta, cereals, sugars, legumes and some fruits and legumes should be suppressed.

However, experts advise against starting this type of diet on your own. It is recommended to consult a doctor first, because assuming this mode of feeding can be seriously detrimental to health depending on which cases.


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