Unable to lose weight? 5 Morning habits that are causing weight gain

Weight Loss Tips: Following these morning habits may help you to lose extra pounds. Read on to know more.

Weight loss is one of the most searched on Google as many people want to lose weight and lead a healthier life. Because of our current sedentary lifestyle, many are prone to obesity while many are already overweight. Losing weight will not only give you a leaner and better look cosmetically but will also keep obesity-linked health disorders at bay. Some of the diseases which are linked to obesity are heart issues, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, certain cancers and osteoarthritis among others.

Two best and natural ways to lose weight is diet and workout. A healthy and balanced diet and the daily workout will help you to reach the goal. However, there are certain factors that can lead to weight loss plateau or weight gain instead of weight loss. If you are reading this, I am assuming you are trying to lose weight aka fats.  Are you trying hard but unable to lose weight? May be certain morning habits of yours are thwarting your efforts. Today we have compiled certain morning habits that may help you to shed extra pounds.

1. Waking up late / sleeping too much
Do you sleep for too long? Then sorry to be a harbinger of the message but oversleeping can affect weight loss plan and can lead to weight gain. As per the research of the University of Glasgow, sleeping too long can make you gain weight. Ideally, more than nine hours is oversleeping and if you are sleeping less than seven hours then you are undersleeping which is also harmful. The study’s lead researcher Dr. Jason Gill had stated, “In people with high genetic risk for obesity, sleeping for too short or too long a time, napping during the day, and shift work appears to have a fairly substantial adverse influence on body weight.”

2. Skipping breakfast
Have you been skipping your breakfast? Then you should not do the same as it messes up your metabolism and can disrupt your body’s internal clock as well, thus leading to weight gain. Skipping breakfast can also lead to lethargy which can further lead to the craving of junk food later in the day. It has been linked to type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease among others. As per the study which was conducted by researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU) and Hebrew University in Israel, breakfast consumption triggered the proper cyclic clock gene expression leading to improved glycaemic control. Daniela Jakubowicz of TAU said, “Proper meal timing – such as consuming breakfast before 9:30 am – could lead to an improvement of the entire metabolism of the body, facilitate weight loss, and delay complications associated with type 2 diabetes and other age-related disorders.”

3. No Meditation
Did you know the early meditation session can actually help to shed extra pounds? Yes, deep respiration and mindfulness meditation can help weight watchers as it can reduce stress hormone called Cortisol. If this hormone is out of balance, the same can lead to extended appetite and weight gain. So, instead of getting up in the morning and checking emails and social media handles which can instantly affect your mood, try to indulge in meditation in the morning. 

4. No stretching
You must have heard about stretching exercises we do during warm-up and cool-down sessions to reduce aches and injuries. However, stretching for a few minutes in the morning can help to lose love handles and extra fats. So, if you don’t have time for intense cardio workouts, some stretching exercises for few minutes can be helpful. They will improve your metabolism, blood circulation, and even help in muscle building. Stretching and yoga poses can burn fat if practiced regularly. So, start your day with some stretching exercises. Some of the stretches that you can do are The Cobra pose, Seated Twist The Bridge,  Side LungeInner Thigh StretchTricep Stretch, Side Bends, and The Bow among others.

5. Not drinking water 
Before you drink, your cuppa of caffeine, try to start your day with a few ounces of room temperature water. This will not only maintain balance in the body but also help you to avoid overeating throughout the day as it is an appetite suppressant. For the unversed, hydration plays a key role in weight loss by burning calories, aiding digestion, by removing toxins from our body and by helping in better workout among others. As per the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) in the United States, adult women should include 2,700 mL/day while adult men should drink 3,700 mL/day. Again the requirement varies as per activity level, age, body size, humidity and health among others.

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