Watch This Guy Train and Eat Like Jason Statham for 24 Hours

Jason Statham et al. looking at the camera: Fitness YouTuber Will Tennyson eats and trains like actor Jason Statham, which includes a tough interval rowing workout and nearly 2,500 calories.

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Fitness YouTuber Will Tennyson eats and trains like actor Jason Statham, which includes a tough interval rowing workout and nearly 2,500 calories.

Fitness YouTuber Will Tennyson loves trying out other people’s diets and workout plans. He’s already followed Mark Wahlberg’s training and eating schedule for 24 hours, as well as Mike Tyson and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s routines. Those aren’t the only fitness icons he’s mimicked, since he tried out Jason Statham’s plan, too.

“The actual G.O.A.T. He is a beast, martial artist, weight trainer—he is ripped,” says Tennyson.

His day starts with a hearty breakfast of poached eggs, oatmeal and fruit.

And while Tennyson doesn’t have the exact amounts of how much Statham eats throughout the day, he’s using the actor’s height and weight (5’8″, 180 pounds) to guess. The final calorie and macro count for breakfast are: 600 calories, 30g protein, 73g carbs, 21g fat.

According to Tennyson, Statham’s diet is reportedly 95 percent clean, healthy foods and, and the other 5 percent are indulgences like chocolate.

“If he does have stuff like that, he mentions that he has it earlier in the day to burn off the sugar and excess starches before he goes to bed,” says Tennyson.

From there, Tennyson moves on to discuss Statham’s workout plan.

“You’re gonna notice there’s no bodybuilding at all,” says Tennyson. “Every single day he goes to the gym he trains a different element. It could be speed, strength power, agility. He’s in the gym or doing some sort of physical activity six days a week.”

He lays out his weekly workout plan:

Day 1: Progression to 1 rep max deadliftDay 2: Functional circuit, ‘The Big 55 Workout’ (55 reps of every single exercise)Day 3: Interval workout on rower (6 rounds, 500 meters)Day 4: Front squats (sets of 5, works up to heavier weight)Day 5: Cumulative movements (rope pulls, rope slams, medicine ball slams, rope climbs)Day 6: Contextual effort (picks an activity he likes to do like hiking or swimming)Day 7: Rest

Tennyson chooses to do Day 3 (interval rowing) for his workout later in the day. Check out this feature for some extra details about the training plan.

But first comes lunch time, and he whips up Statham’s pre-workout meal that is totally vegan: brown rice, steamed veggies, and miso soup. The final calorie and macro count for lunch are: 470 calories, 17g protein, 94g carbs, 3g fat.

Tennyson also says that Statham likes to drink a minimum of 3 liters of water everyday.

Next, he heads to the gym for his rowing workout. The warmup is a 10-minute row at 20 strokes per minute.

“That alone is probably going to finish me off,” says Tennyson.

After that, does 6 rounds of 500 meters with 3 minutes of rest between each round, attempting to hit Statham’s splits range between 1:38 to 1:50.

“That was wicked. Wow,” says Tennyson after completing the intervals. “That was really tiring. By the fourth round, I was gassed.”

He grabs a quick snack afterwards of raw cashews and peanut butter. The final calorie and macro count for the snack are: 440 calories, 14g protein, 20g carbs, 34g fat.

Then he heads home to make dinner, which he eats at 7 pm because Statham likes to stop eating at 7 pm. Dinner includes: lean beef, chicken breast, fish and a salad. The final calorie and macro count for dinner are: 985 calories, 148g protein, 10g carbs, 39g fat.

Tennyson finishes up his day as Jason Statham with a final calorie and macro count of: 2,495 calories, 209g protein, 197g carbs, 97g fat.

“It was a really nice balance of protein, carbs and fats,” says Tennyson. “And I really enjoyed the workout, even though it was extremely challenging.”

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