Weight Loss: Follow THIS 5 minute Japanese towel exercise to get rid of belly fat

This simple and effective 5-minute exercise by Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi will help you to get a smaller waist and a better back.

weight loss,Health & Fitness,japanese exerciseWeight Loss: Follow THIS 5 minute Japanese towel exercise to get rid of belly fat

Due to sedentary life, many people are gaining weight and trying their best to lose extra fats. There are no doubts that to lose weight you have to follow a healthy diet and do some physical activity. However, many of us still fail to achieve weight loss goals and feel disappointed. The reasons could be many but instead of pondering and feeling sad about it, one should keep trying and follow simple weight loss hacks that may be helpful. Some of the common and effective hacks are calorie deficit, intermittent fasting, and keto diet among others. Today we are talking about one such exercise hack which will help to get rid of flab.

This exercise is from the land of the sun, Japan, and is super easy to do and for the same, you need just a towel and a few minutes. As per reports, the same was invented by Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi, a Japanese physician. This particular exercise not only helps to reduce weight but also enhances your posture and strengthens back. As per the physician, any extra layer of fat around the belly is actually a result of misplacement of your pelvis. According to him, this exercise can correct the pelvis placement and thus reduces your waistline.

How to do this Japanese towel exercise:

Before you start the exercise you have to roll up a medium-sized towel in the form of a cylinder (4 inches wide).
Now, sit down on a flat and hard surface, the floor, a yoga mat, or a massage table and put your towel roll down.
Now, lay down on your back in a way that the towel is exactly below the navel.
Place your feet shoulder-width apart with the first toe touching each other.
Stretch your arms above your head, palms down and make sure your pinkies are touching each other.
You have to stay in this position for about 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes, get up slowly. Make sure to not do jerking motions.

Staying for 5 minutes can be a herculean task and that’s why you can start performing it for a minute and gradually go up to 5 minutes.  Your hands, legs, and towel should be in the correct position to get desired results.  In less than a month’s time, you will find your waist smaller and better back. Your spine will become straight as well as your internal organs will be placed in favorable positions. Now, you have no excuse for not losing weight as getting rid of fats is not a daunting task anymore as this exercise, budget-friendly, travel-friendly, and prop-free. 

Note: You have musculoskeletal issues then consult your doctor before you do this exercise. 

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