Weight loss: How much apple cider vinegar to add to your diet plan to shed belly fat

How much apple cider vinegar to drink daily?

For weight loss, it is recommended to have one or two tablespoons daily.

Over a three month period both these doses helped subjects to lose weight, but those who took the bigger dose lost more.

Adults who drank two teaspoons per day lost almost 4lbs of average, while those two took one tablespoon lost 2.6lbs.

Another study found that two tablespoons a day help dieters lose nearly twice as much weight in three months than those not taking any apple cider vinegar.

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Watch out for tooth enamel erosion too.

In fact, one case study found a 15-year-old girl suffered severe dental decay after drinking 237 ml of undiluted apple cider vinegar in an attempt to lose weight.

The acidic liquid could cause throat burns if lodged in a throat.

How do you drink apple cider vinegar daily?

Many drink one or two spoons diluted in cold water.

However, it is possible to drink it in a tea like solution with hot water.

Another popular weight loss method is the keto diet plan.

The diet sees followers get at least 70 percent of their calories from fat.

Those on the plan eat lots of eggs, meat and cheese.

So what snacks can you eat on the keto diet? 

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