What to ACTUALLY focus on for fat loss

I remember wanting to look like my ‘skinny friends’ when I was younger. ⁠

I knew they went to the gym nearly every day, and I knew they counted calories. I remember thinking, if I could get to the gym at least 5-6 days a week, and I committed to eating low-fat, low-calorie everything, I would look like them too.⁠

So, I joined a gym. I dieted. I counted calories and I obsessed over all the little details we’re taught to obsess over in order to hit our goals.⁠

I focused on exercise, diet, perfection. In that order. Because according to my skinny friends and all the magazines, if I just had the discipline to exercise frequently and diet religiously, I would see the results I wanted.⁠

It wasn’t until I stopped losing weight and started feeling fatigued for no apparent reason, that I realized I was doing it all wrong. I was focusing on the wrong things.⁠

Losing fat wasn’t about how hard I could go in the gym, it was about how I viewed myself, my body, and the special ways I took care of it. It started with my mindset, continued with adequate nutrition, and rounded out with exercise.⁠

Fitness magazines and fad diets will have you thinking if you run on the treadmill like a hamster, you’ll get the body of your dreams. It just doesn’t work that way.⁠

Mindset and nutrition trump hours in the gym any day. It’s time to start focusing on the things that matter in order to see the results you desire.⁠

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